I miss writing fanfics..

During the FAME era, that was the best time. The fanfic era began and it all started with Marvin’s Room, and that inspired me to write mines.. Follow by the other incomplete fanfics I’ve yet to finish👀. However, writing fanfics allowed me to escape my reality and sort of live through my characters. I always based the main female characters from my personality with real life scenarios from my life or a friend. I loved when people encouraged me to write or threaten me cause I would always kill somebody off. A few fav writers of mines also quit around the same time I did, it seemed like everybody and I do mean everybody began writing and it just wasn’t as fun anymore. It was like everybody was writing just write, no passion or a realistic storyline but hey it got attention.I knew this fanfic era became bigger than what I thought, when I saw my baby sister reading them without her knowing I was an author. Anyway, I know I’ve promised I would finish or whatever but who knows what I’m going to do. It’s been about two years since I’ve started, but thank you to all my past and present readers and commenters and I’m sorry for not keeping my word and finishing these fanfics..

Maybe one day..


Bon Qui Qui x A$AP Rocky. #Classic